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Coach Bailey's Trainer Tips

April 17, 2013
"I can't feed my husband/children this food-won't they starve!?!"
I hear this excuse from mothers who are trying to change their poor eating habits to a healthy nutritional plan. It is sad commentary on modern society when mothers see healthy food as "starving food" and burgers and fries as nourishing!

Coach Bailey

March 8, 2009
"How can I possibly follow a diet when I am at work?"
This is a very convenient and oft used excuse. Admittedly, it is more difficult to eat properly when one is on the go, but it is not impossible. It just takes more effort. There are three ways to address this problem: 1. Plan ahead. 2. Plan ahead. 3. Plan ahead.

Coach Bailey

August 22, 2008
"What exercise can I do to get rid of my _______?"
(Fill in the blank with "belly fat," "big butt," "jiggly arms," or "flabby thighs"). There is no exercise that will spot reduce any part of the human body. You can do sit ups until the cows come home and you will not reduce your belly fat. To lose fat and become fit one must combine the essentials of cardio, weight training, and proper nutrition. (Note: you can lose weight doing only cardio or by dieting alone; however, you will likely lose muscle mass in the process. You will become thin but not necessarily fit.) Each of us is genetically predisposed on where we will shed weight first - just as we are genetically predisposed on where we will gain weight first. It will take time to lose any unwanted body fat - just as it took time to gain it.

Coach Bailey

July 10, 2008
"Why can't I lose weight? I am following my diet..."
Most people do not understand the definition of the word diet. Diet is an eating regime- any eating regime. Cows eat grass. That's their diet. Monkeys eat bananas. That is their diet. People eat junk. That is their diet. Your diet is everything that you eat. So, I am not surprised when someone tells me that they can't lost weight on their diet.

If you want to lose weight and become fit you must dramatically change your diet. These are some of the essentials to a good healthy diet: eliminate all processed foods - eliminate all bad fats and carbs - reduce calories - stay out of fast food restaurants - eat six smaller meals each day - eat balanced meals with a 40, 40, 20 percentage of protein, carbs, and healthy fats/oils.

Coach Bailey

May 30, 2008
"Will I look like a man if I lift weights?"
I hear this question from potential female clients all the time. Many will use it as an excuse for not lifting weights. First of all, unless a woman is on steroids, Human Growth Hormones, testosterone supplements and/or is a genetic freak - she cannot grow like a man. Secondly, am I to assume from the above question that you prefer to look like Rosie ODonnell than to be come the best you can be both physically and nutritionally?

Women are saddled too many misconceptions and are poorly informed when it comes to weight training. I see it all the time. Women join a gym and the totality of their workouts is a walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. They never touch the weights. Consequently, after 2 or 3 months with out any progress being made, they become discouraged and abandon all hope of fitness success.

Coach Bailey


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