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Joseph Worley - February 2015
Carla Conrad - October 2012
Here is her testimonial:

"These folks have all become my friends as well as my cheerleaders over these last few months. They're even more excited about my weight-loss than I am ... which is saying a lot. I belonged to a "big" gym for a number of years and no one ever knew my name or even took the timeto ask how I was doing. I was just another key tag. It's not like that here at all. Xpress is a much more inviting atmosphere for those of us not used to the gym, but who are also working hard to make a major lifestyle change.

Knowing that everyone here is pulling for me makes it easier to come to the gym and give it my all. Sometimes David and the staff at Xpress have more faith in me than I have in myself. That means the world to me."

You find Carla everyday busting it at XF. She is well on her way to meeting her goals and we are all very excited to see her do it and help out where we can!

Penny Morse - December 2010
Penny is our member of the month for December 2010. Penny has lost 85 pounds since joining the gym in June! She has made a year commitment to improving her health and it is working! Hopefully, we will post up a complete transformation this coming June.

"I couldn't do it without my family, my new gymn friends and my friends and of course David, who I affectionally call the Terminator! Let's see what I can do in the next 6 months!

Geoff Edenfield - August 2009
I had no idea that Geoff had accomplished as much as he had when he told me a couple weeks ago. I knew he was a consistent member and worked hard when he was there, but didn't know he was losing 60 pounds that whole time! I was shocked and the choice was easy for this member of the month. Hopefully his story will inspire you by showing that consistently working hard at the gym will bring results!

Here is what Geoff had to say about his experience at Xpress Fitness:
"I went off to college on a running scholarship 2 years ago and was about 165 I ended up getting injured and couldn't run. I ended up getting mad at my situation and got to the point of laziness. I stopped running completely along with working out and my diet went downhill real fast as well. Before I joined Xpress Fitness back in february I was at 235 and didn't really have any intentions of losing anything. But David convinced me to join and with not only the support of David and his father but everyone I met up at the gym. I ended up losing 60 pounds and I am back to 175 but I also went up in my weight I lift tremendously. I havn't missed a workout since I started not only for myself but alot of the reason is because of all the great people I met that hold me accountable. So thank you to everyone!"

Beth Chaffin - June 2008
This month we decided to honor one of our most active members, Beth Chaffin. Beth can be seen almost every day at the gym. She has completely changed her life through fitness and we are really proud to have her as a member. She is a model of what hard work and dedication can do and she has the results to show for it.

Here is what Beth has to say about her experience:
"In 2001, I was under a tremendous amount of stress. It effected me mentally and physically. I was never a thin person, but my 175 pound body turned into 220 plus. I never got on the scale after that point. Early in 2002 I decided I had to do something. I got out of the situation I was in, had a complete physical, and started to change. I started losing weight and continued to do so in small amounts over the next few years. I eventually got down to 150 pounds. But I still didn't feel great and had lost alot of strength. When I married my husband and moved to Villa Rica, we joined Xpress Fitness and I began lifting weights. I started feeling stronger and looking better. Last year, I added running to my fitness routine and lost another 15 pounds. I am smaller now than I was in the sixth grade. Joining the gym has completely changed my life." We hope Beth's success shows that if you try hard and dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle, you can change your life for the better!

Sabrina Brown, 32 - June 2008
"I work out 4 or 5 days a week. It makes me feel better and sleep good at night. Before I joined Xpress Fitness, I felt really bad and weighed 326 pounds. Now I am down to 270 pounds! I have a lot more energy. I like the members and staff of Xpress Fitness. My advice to anyone who is struggling with their weight is to go ahead and do what you got to do to make yourself feel good. It is going to be hard sometimes but keep coming in and don't give up!"

Kasey Clonts, 23 - May 2008
Congratulations to Kasey Clonts for her recent victory in the SNBF figure tall competition! Kasey was trained by Xpress Fitness trainer Coach Bailey. She took time to tell us about her experience and this is what she had to say.

"Around December of 2007 I started noticing that I wasn't in the best shape. I had a shape...but not the shape that a 23 year old wants. As I ate my Christmas cookies and tried to go to the gym, I noticed that it just wasn't working the way I thought it should. As I was leaving the gym one day I noticed Coach Bailey's fitness portfolio. I have always been a competitor at heart and decided that this was the best time to compete in a competition. I had wanted to do fitness competitions forever and now was the time. Summer was approaching fast!! I had heard MANY great things about Coach Bailey. The best info that I heard that caught my attention was, "He'll definitely get you in the best shape of your life", "He'll get you where you want to be", and best of all,”He'll kick your butt every day". I loved the last piece of advice because that’s a call to a great challenge for me!

I called the front desk of Xpress Fitness and told them what I was planning to do. They quickly gave me his phone number and told me to give him a call. I called Coach Bailey and he told me all of the things that competing involves and set up an introduction session for that next Monday. The anticipation killed me just wondering what I was getting myself into.

As I waited that Monday for my future trainer to come in, I just wondered what was in store for what I now consider the biggest challenge of my life.

After my intro session with Coach, I was ecstatic!!! He was the most motivating trainer ever! He was very organized and prepared. He tested my initial body fat and we were off!

My first training session, to put it nicely, was pretty darn hard. I thought I was going to pass out. He assured me that this was normal. What he also assured me of was the challenge that I was talking about earlier...the kick your butt every day challenge. Boy was he right! But for me...this made me want to show him what I was made of!!!

The next three months were Awesome!!! Coach worked me hard! But I feel like I worked him hard too! He had no idea that someone could laugh in the face of pain! For some reason, Pain makes me laugh. He looked at me like I was crazy when I couldn’t even lift the weights anymore...but was giving him a good laugh. Training was fun! Coach always was prepared for a unique workout. There was never a boring workout! It was always new and exciting. He would look up unique workouts specific to my needs.

Another great thing about training with Coach is that he sets up a diet for you. He lays it out straight. You HAVE to stick to it to be successful along with the training. So here’s the big deal. April 12 was approaching fast. Since it was my first competition, I had no idea what to expect. As I get to the competition, I get all suited up into my posing suit along with the help of my mom and Charlotte Hall, a5 pro bodybuilder from Xpress Fitness. I go on stage and had a blast! I felt prepared due to the help of my trainer and other experienced members at Xpress Fitness. The Competition was so much fun!!! I ended up winning 1st place!

All in all, the Xpress Fitness Staff and facilities, and Coach Bailey made this experience possible. The Staff is very helpful and you can’t beat the facility. 24/7 Access to the gym made working our very convenient. The machines and free weights are unbeatable. The machines can be tailored to any body size and they even have Hammer Strength equipment where you can add your own plates to the machine. I love working out with Coach Bailey and Xpress Fitness!!!"  
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