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Front Desk Staff
David Clonts David Clonts
personal trainer, class instructor, owner/maintenance man

David works hard to keep his club the premier fitness center in Villa Rica. He is always looking for a way to make Xpress Fitness and the services it provides better and contemporary for his members. He is a person trainer at the gym and you can find more info about training with him on his page. David also teaches ab class and leg blaster. He coaches and plays on the Xpress Fitness Softball team. David went to the University of Georgia and majored in graphic design ... he actually used that major when he designed this website.
taryn o'dell Taryn O'Dell
sales, promotions, super cleaner

Taryn is working her way through school and we are happy to help! Aside from the gym, she also works as a life guard and has a boyfriend that is somewhat of a legend at Xpress Fitness. She has her hands full with that!
Elise Olinger

Elise Olinger
sales, promotions, tallest female staff member

Elise is the newest member of the XF staff. She doesn't just talk it ... she walks it! You will see her sticking around after most shifts to get her workout in.

jessica gilgan

Jessica Gilgan
sales, promotions, most tatted staff member

Jessica is one of the newest staff members to XF. She likes it up here so much she's considering getting an XF tattoo! She's a hard worker and man's the phones well. You might even occasionally see her getting a workout in too ... occasionally!

krista marshall

Krista Marshall
sales, promotions, nursery

Krista has made the move to the front desk and is killing it! You won't meet a nicer person in the gym! She is always glad to help and works hard!

Aerobics (Click for class schedule)
simone lebeau-lepp

Simone LeBeau-Lepp
zumba gold and zumba toning

Simone is a certified Zumba Instructor and the members love her Zumba Classes! She is energetic, fun, and a great dancer! She teaches both Zumba Gold and Toning. She brings a fun twist to Zumba!

PL Miller PL Miller
spin class

PL is a Les Miles Certified Spin Intructor. He does not limit his class to just a Les Miles program though. He has been instructing for a long time and likes to add variety in his classes. You will never have the same ride twice with him but you will get the same great results!
Britney Franklin Britney Franklin
cardio and turbo kickboxing, piyo

Britney will help you get in shape and alleviate any frustrations you have with her low impact cardio kickboxing class! Don't let low impact fool you though, you will get a great cardio workout! All that mean is that you will not hit each other!
Arlene Miller Arlene Miller
step and tone

Arlene makes getting in shape fun! She has many different class certifications giving her class its own creative feel. Arlene has taught for many years and her experience shows in her class. She will motivate you to reach your fitness goals!
keesha cooley Kesha Cooley

Kesha will whip you into shape! Her Zumba classes are a blast! She is zumba certified and teaches them through out town. Catch her at Xpress Fitness! She also fills in for Spin when she is needed! Kesha teaches Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.
David Clonts David Clonts
ab class and leg blaster

David will kick your butt (and his own) in both his ab class and leg blaster class. Ab Class is 30 minutes of non stop ab work targets your entire core. Leg Blaster in a body weight leg class that will consist of compound movements which work most of the leg at once and songs dedicated to just one muscle group. Leg Blaster is also 30 minutes long. Try both classes out!
april rich

April Rich

April brings the much anticipated yoga class to XF! She will help you gain flexibility, strength and serenity! Once you try it you won't stop taking it!

erin waldrop Erin Waldrop
zumba and bootcamp

Erin bootcamp and Zumba and she's a big hit! She has been teaching in Villa Rica and has developed quite a following. Join her for a great workout!
vanessa scott Vanessa Scoot
zumba and zumba toning

Jenny's zumba classes are fun and entertaining! Her classes are traditional Zumba classes with mostly latin based dancing and music ... with a twist of hip hop. You will love them!
samia reynosa Samia Reynosa
latin dance and ABSolutely

Fun! Sassy! Flirty! Latin Dance is a fusion of different Fast paced moves and Latin Dance styles!!! You will have a total body workout and have so much fun doing it that you won't even notice how good looking you are becoming!
traci dixon Traci Dixon
spin, buns and guns

Traci has been a member at XF for forever! So it was fitting when we needed another spin, and buns and guns instructor, she jumped in! Her classes are a great workout and you will enjoy it!
krista marshall Krista Marshall
morning nursery

Krista is our newest member of the nursery staff and the kids love her! No matter how reluctant kids are to enter the nursery, they leave not wanting to leave! She is a great addition to our staff.
Ashley Wester Ashley Wester

Kids love Ashley and she loves them. All that needs to be said!
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