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Coach Bailey

Why a personal trainer?
Your time is precious, so when you commit to a fitness program, you want results. A personal trainer can mean the difference between getting fit and giving up. Time with Coach Bailey will be focused on YOU.

Coach Bailey has over 30 years experience in the fields of education and athletic training. Coach Bailey's philosophy is that the success of any fitness program is based on establishing a sound partnership between the individual client and the trainer.

As your personal trainer, Coach Bailey will assess your weight and fitness needs. He will then design and develop an individual program that will encourage, support, motivate, and train you in your endeavor to reach your ultimate weight and fitness goals.

Coach Bailey will...
... help you develop an understanding of the types of exercises you need.
... plan a fitness strategy that works for you - to fit your schedule and your budget.
... help you set goals that you can realistically achieve.
... help you feel comfortable with your training.
... monitor you progress and motivate you to continue.
... teach you to manage your food intake and nutritional needs.
... help you feel terrific as you become fit and healthier.

Coach Bailey is only a phone call away and will be available to answer your questions, address your concerns, or help you through those times of self-doubting!
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