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Have fun and get fit! We have a great group fitness program at Xpress Fitness! Our members love the classes and you will too! We offer the largest variety and best facility in Villa Rica! Our instructors will keep you motivated and get you in great shape. Your first visit to XF is free so try out a class today!
Class Descriptions:  
Ab Class Ab class is 30 minutes of non stop core work! We hit the mid section hard and leave you sweaty! You will never work your abs this hard on your own. Join us to learn new ab exercises, push yourself, and look good in that swimsuit!
Barre Yoga We blend Yoga, Pilates & Ballet in this 30 minute power hour! 15 solid minutes of toning the upper body & then over to the barre to complete the last half with the lower body. Your arms & legs will feel the burn in BARRE!
HIIT the Zone High Intensity Interval Training customized to your fitness level!  Use your Apple Watch to track your heart rate and exertion level on the big screen TV.  No dirty class heart rate monitors or purchasing the special gym heart rate monitor ... use the one already on your wrist!
Hot Yoga Hot Yoga is a series of postures performed in a room heated to approximately 90-100 degrees. This class systematically works the entire body, toning your muscles, promoting weight loss, reducing stress and increasing your overall vitality. Incorporating strength, balance and flexibility, Hot Yoga teaches students how each pose stimulates the mind and restores and shapes the body.
Leg Blaster Leg Blaster is a 30 minute class and does just what the name says. It is a functional training class that will keep heart rate up and legs burning. We do plyometrics and other body weight exercises. This is a more advanced class but beginners are welcome to do what they can!
Restorative Yoga We teach a contemporary restorative class that achieves physical, mental & emotional relaxation with the aid of props. Instead of holding the positions for long periods of time, we keep the body moving to burn more calories & increase flexibility.
Spin Indoor Cycling classes offer high energy stationary bike workouts that enhance cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Participants select personal intensity levels during the workout through body position and bike tension.
Traditional Yoga This class will lengthen your muscles with yoga postures & will strengthen your core with challenging mat work. Linking breath with movement, this class will leave you feeling stronger, longer & leaner.
Turbo Kickboxing
Combines intense Kickboxing and Hip-Hop Dance to create a fun filled fitness party!
Yoga Core Our 60 minute “trunk” workout targeting the core! No props, just you & your mat. We start off with a stretch & then on to the abs, obliques, hips & glutes. The last 15 min is a deep, relaxing yoga paced cool down for all of those areas. We ABSolutely feel this one for a few days!
Yoga Sculpt Boost metabolism & build lean muscle mass as you use weights & move at a yoga pace! We combine free weights & yoga sequencing to intensify yoga movements while mixing in strength-training moves like planks & tricep extensions to tone up your entire body!
Zumba Combines the laws of aerobics with muscular strength exercise with interval training for a unique method of intermittent training. People of all ages and levels of fitness can successfully engage in and benefit from this type of format.
Zumba Toning Takes the Zumba Fitness Party to the next level by using a muscle training protocol and the addition of lightweight Toning Sticks for a combination of dynamic resistive exercises and cardio. Still the original concept of a Zumba Fitness Party while offering Toning sticks for mild resistance which trains the participant to consciously contract the muscles to create their own tension. Teaches the practical fundamentals of muscle endurance training. Designed for all populations that desire easy-to-learn choreography while safely and effectively redefining your total body.
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