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David Clonts
NESTA Certified Person Trainer
SNBF Pro Bodybuilder (770) 289-8921
Sports Specific Training
Weight training makes a huge difference in performance for athletes. Most high school athletes are aware of this but do not know how to utilize their time in the gym. I was one of these athletes when I was in school. I knew I did much better the seasons that included more time in the weight room, but looking back, I could have excelled. I will create specialized fitness programs that will improve power, quickness, endurance and everall health helping you to perform at your highest level!

Weight Loss
Most people join the gym with one specific goal in mind... to lose weight. I can help you reach your goals!. My training formula incorporates a 3 sided attack that modifies your diet, cardio, and strength training. I will develop a plan tailored to you and provide the motivation to reach your weight loss goals

Seeing Gains - For the first time or once again
Do you feel like you work out constantly and never really see results? I can help you! It is easy to get in the same weekly routine, which can cause you to plateau. Those results that you were seeing in the first few months of training eventually slow down and you end up just maintaining those changes. I will provide new, challenging workouts that will help you get out of that rut and start seeing results again!
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