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We are open!
We are very excited to see everyone once again! We really do have some great members! Thank you for those of you who took advantage of the “quarantine special” so that we could have some cash flow. Thank you to our aerobics members who are taking our zoom classes and allowing our instructors to still receive a paycheck!

For the safety of our members we would like the following procedures followed when coming to the gym:
1. Do not come if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, had symptoms of COVID-19, or have had contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having COVID-19.
2. We will screen members who exhibit illness. We will be taking temperatures and denying entry to 100.4 or higher. We ask if you come after hours check your own temperature before coming to gym.
3. Maintain 6 feet between you and other members. Let’s lift what we can handle for a few weeks.
4. Clean equipment before and after use. Sanitizer is next to the cubbies.
5. Please wear a mask. We know this makes working out harder to do but think of your fellow members!
6. Wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitizer has been hard to obtain but the sinks are there to be used!
7. Please shower at home but if you need the shower please sanitize it after use.

Aerobics members:
Same rules apply as gym use.  There must be 10 foot distance between you and other members while taking classes.  You must clean all equipment before and after class.  First come, first serve for classes until further notice.

1) Do not bring your child if sick. 
2) Temperature check of all children will be at the front door.
3) Childcare by appointment only and appointments must be made same day.
4) Appointments are only for 50 minutes starting on the hour (8 AM, 9 AM, etc).  This is to allow us to clean the last ten minutes of the hour.
5) Limit of 4 children per hour.
6) Trainers and Instructors will have priority so that we can get them back to work.
7) Nursery workers will have mask on at all time and children encouraged to as well if they will wear one.
8) No parents are allowed inside the nursery area. 

Stay healthy!
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Cardio Equipment
Xpress Fitness wants to provide Villa Rica with top-of-the-line equipment and that is why we have chosen to equip our facility with Life Fitness Cardio Equipment. We have a large selection of treadmills, elipticals, stationary bikes, and stairmills. These cardio pieces are easy to use and operate. They include many helpful features such as cardio and fat burn programs that make sure you always work at your target heart rate. All our cardio pieces have entertainment. There are 7 LCD TV's hanging from the ceiling.  All our TV's have satellite connections and the remote is left out for you to change to whatever you want to see!
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Selectorized Equipment
You are probably asking yourself what is selectorized equipment? These are the machines that you put a pin in. These machines have come a long way and Life Fitness is at the forefront of the industry. The Life Fitness Signature Series is in our opinion, the best selectorized series out there. These machines are easy to use and have many adjustments to fit any body type. Each has illustrations and detailed instructions on how to use it. The movements are designed to fit how your body moves with converging arms on the presses and diverging arms on the lat pulls. This may not make sense reading this but if you come by to try us out, you will definitely notice the difference!
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Plate-loaded Equipment
Plate-loaded equipment is a great plus to any fitness center. Hammer Strength is undoubtedly the best line of Plate-loaded equipment in the industry. Choosing Hammer Strength was probably the easiest decision we had to make at Xpress Fitness. There are many great features that these pieces provide. These machines are about as close to free weight movements as you can get with a machine. Most movements are isolateral. This means one arm (or leg) is doing one side of the weight, and the other the other side. This allows you to do a variety of differences in your workout and makes sure you evenly work your body. We have a very wide selection of Hammer Strength machines to keep your workouts varied and successful!
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Free weights
Often in neighborhood fitness clubs like Xpress Fitness, free weights are overlooked ... not with us. We have a whole extra room devoted to free weights! Nothing compares to a free weight workout. There is no machine constricting your form and you work out many more muscles than you think. Your target muscle groups are worked but also you stabilizing muscles are worked as well. No machine can match that. It is for that reason that we made sure to include plenty of free weights. We even have a set of dumbbells on each side of the gym so that they are always convenient. You will love working out at Xpress Fitness!
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Spin Bike Theater
Xpress Fitness has a great room devoted just to Spinning! You can choose to have a great instructor led class or have your own class at anytime through the use of our spin theater! We have classes on dvd's for you to follow along with or you can bring your own in (must be approved by front desk). Class is always in session at XF!
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Xpress Fitness has great tanning prices! We keep our bed maintained, clean and replace the bulbs regularly. We always use the strongest bulbs and sell a variety of tanning products at the front desk. Tanning appointments can be walk-in but we recommend calling ahead. Tanning is for staffed hours only and you have unlimited use during your tanning membership!

Tanning Rates
Pay by the Month - $30
1 year draft - $15/mo
1 year paid in full - $150

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XF is now offering childcare! Now you don't have to worry about what you are going to do with your kids while you work out! We have employees to watch them and a video monitor for you to check on your while you work out!

M-Th 9AM-12PM, 5PM-8PM
Fri and Sat 9AM-12PM
Please call ahead to book an appointment - 678.840.8566

Daily - $3 an hour per child
1 Month - $30 per child
1 Year - $150 per child or add to your monthly draft - $15 per child
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